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Almond Breeze is made using highest quality almonds, a natural superfood and when consumed as part of a balanced diet, is a great-tasting, healthy milk alternative to avoid soy and dairy milk.


Almond Breeze is dairy and lactose free – making it easy to digest and a great substitute for dairy milk especially for those living a lactose-free diet in Australia. Whether mild or severe, the symptoms of lactose intolerance are not pleasant.
Almond Breeze was developed to provide lactose-intolerant customers with a creamy, tasty alternative to dairy milk.


All varieties of Almond Breeze are free from wheat, meaning that they are all free from gluten. Gluten is a protein that naturally occurs in a number of grains such as wheat and can be irritable to the gut and cause an inflammatory (think bloating, gas etc), response. Who needs that?


There is no sugar added to the Unsweetened Almond Breeze varieties, making them suitable for anyone following a low sugar diet. The Original and Chocolate Almond Breeze varieties contain raw cane sugar. Cane sugar is the crystallised sucrose from the first pressing of sugar cane. It is unbleached and made with minimal processing and has a unique, naturally sweet flavour.


Check out our nutritional information alongside different types of milk


Almond Breeze contains food grade Carrageenan as a thickening, emulsifying and stabilising agent. Carrageenan is a natural occurring carbohydrate extracted from red seaweed. There are two types of Carrageenan, food grade and a chemically degraded form of Carrageenan also known as Poligeenan.

Food grade Carrageenan is carefully processed to avoid degradation and has been widely used in worldwide food production since the 1930s. It’s safety has been assured by, among others, the US FDA (gras status) and the European Commission’s Scientific Committee on Food.

Chemically degraded Carrageenan is not permitted in foods and is not used in Almond Breeze.



With less than half the calories of skim and reduced fat (1.5 per cent) milk, Unsweetened Almond Breeze is a simple switch for anyone looking to lead a healthy lifestyle and cut out excess calories. The Unsweetened Almond Breeze variety has 40 calories per 250 ml serving.


The Original Almond Breeze variety has 7 per cent less calories than skim and reduced fat (1.5 per cent) and more than 60 per cent less calories than regular full-cream dairy milk. The Original Almond Breeze variety has 120 calories per 250 ml serving.


The Chocolate Almond Breeze variety is a delicious alternative to flavoured dairy milk, with between 30 per cent and 50 per cent less calories than the well-known flavoured dairy milk varieties.


Almond Breeze is a source of calcium and can provide between 23.5 per cent and 25.00 per cent of the recommended daily intake of calcium, with most varieties containing 188mg of Calcium per 250ml serving. Even though almond milk does not contain the same levels of calcium as dairy milk, it is a suitable alternative to dairy for anyone looking to maintain their diet and wellbeing.