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WIN a place in our next advertising campaign

WIN a place in our next advertising campaign – we want to make you #Instafamous

Are you into MKR or Masterchef? If you live in Australia, you probably are. We’re a nation that loves cooking & creating tasty recipes for our friends and family. We don’t want to make you jealous but the Almond Breeze team get to see your delicious creations everyday via our Instagram (link) and Facebook (*link) feeds so we thought it was time to change this.

We’re giving you, our social friends, the opportunity to be involved in our new advertising campaign #BreezedIt. We’re looking for people to help show the nation how they breeze through meal times using Almond Breeze, of course. So, if you make a killer soup, we want to hear about it. If you can whip up a hearty breakfast, get tagging. Or if you’ve got the best looking #SaturdaySmoothie, then this competition is for you.

What do you need to do:
• Create your Almond Breeze dish. Like we said, baked goods, breakfasts, brunch, lunch, dinner or snacks are all welcome but they have to look TASTY.
• Snap your dish on your cameras best setting (if you’ve got an iPhone it should be on HDR). If it’s going to be part of our ad campaign, it can’t be pixelated.
• Upload your creation to Facebook or Instagram and tag us using #BreezedIt and @AlmondBreezeAus. Tell us a little bit about your dish and why it’s so good.
• Stand by for a direct message from us because if you win, your meal will be enticing grocery shoppers in Sydney & Melbourne where the campaign will be going live
• Not only will you win the opportunity to tell your friends and family that your meal was so good it was featured in an ad campaign, we’ll be sending your an Almond Breeze goodie bag, some Almond Breeze AND a $200 gift voucher.

If you want your name, OK, your instagram name, in lights in a local shopping centre then get cooking! Can’t wait to see your creations!